Foundational Faith is an organization which loves and obeys God. It utilizes our God-given reasoning powers to listen to God in His Bible, then apply reason in order to understand what is required of us.
Our goal is to each inherit eternal life being with our God and Creator. The means to do this requires ourselves to help our fellow man, in both money and time areas.
This is why we are here, and have chosen initially S. Africa for this task.
Identifying the problem, and the felt best way to assist, FF has centred upon job opportunities being the adjudged best way of optimum help. Grants, free food, housing, etc, have their merits, but it is found by experience that many aid packages do not reach the intended persons.
The African people are a hard-working, competent and willing people, and in many cases, it is the woman who is the head of family, who has all along wished to work.  It is found that debts are re-paid, with retained monies being spent on the direct requirements of the family group.

Another source of income is from the sales of the book; "Return to God Alone" written by Founder Andrew Ball. This book of 380 pages, and is also available on this website, where all amounts over cost goes towards Foundational Faith African help projects.
Apart from the book, Donations are of course welcomed. Please see "Purchase Items" and "Donations" on above headers.End now.